Fasting journey

This is my new fasting diary! I’m going to document my journey to 110lb! I will find out how much I weigh tomorrow though I’m kind of dreading it.

I’m going to be fasting to lose all that extra fat! But I have planned refeeds for every 6 days of fasting (which will be 2-3 water, 3-4 juices). I have lunch with a friend on Sunday so I can’t fast for longer but I need to fast tomorrow and saturday because I gained a lot of weight after I did a 5 day fast. Then from there, it will be 6 days fasting, 1 day refeed (psychological purposes).

So here’s the plan so far:

Friday: Juice

Saturday: Fast

Sunday: Refeed

Monday: Juice/supplements in morning

Tuesday: Fast

Wednesday: Juice/supplements in morning

Thursday: Fast

Friday: Juice/supplements in morning

Saturday: Juice/supplements in morning

Sunday: Peking duck lunch

Monday (Weigh-in): Juice/supplements in morning

If I complete that plan, I will create a new schedule. I need a fasting buddy… I need heaps!!! I keep giving up and its demoralizing… sigh. But my friend said “Just decide to be strong and stay that way.” I don’t want to keep rebounding!! No matter what, I have to keep pushing and take it one day at a time.